All you have to know about Oil Hair Treatment

Oil hair treatment is a popular method of taking care of hair. More and more people declare that they are willing to undergo this kind of a treatment or that they have already treated their hair with such a healing procedure. And along with the growing popularity of oil hair treatment, arise questions connected with this amazing hair treatment. The most common inquiries spreading over the Internet are connected with the manner of application and type of oil to use. The article contains brief answers to clear up the most common doubts.

Oil hair treatment. What to begin with?

The rule is simple. Plant oils are rich in poly-saturated fatty acids which are suitable for high porosity hair (damaged hair). For low porosity hair (healthy and glossy) are recommended saturated fatty acids, and mono-saturated fatty acids are perfect for medium porosity hair (slightly damaged or curly hair). Suffice to define porosity level of hair in order to choose the right oil. Certainly, an oil’s working can be evaluated at the end of the treatment.

Where to buy a hair oil?

The most popular plant oils for oil hair treatment can be found in a regular shop selling food oils (sunflower oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, or grape seed oil). Some of the pure oils, like castor or agran oil, can be also purchased at chemist's. When it comes to drugstores, in most cases, these offer mixtures of plant oils. However, the unquestionable winner is the Internet where one can find all oils that are produced worldwide. It is advised to browse distributor's official webpages, visit Internet drugstores or auctions to find the oil one is looking for.

How much of an oil is supposed to be applied on hair?

There are no restrictions connected with the amount of an oil applied on hair. However, it is suggested massaging light oils or mixtures of light oils into scalp only. Heavy oils work better when applied to length of hair. Although application of oils is pretty the same for each product, it is advised to look at the leaflet or visit the producer's webpage just to look for the directions of use. Sometimes, we can be surprised by an oil’s manner of use.

How to perform the procedure of oil hair treatment?

Oil hair treatment is a hair care procedure which can be performed in many ways. Plant oils can be put on dry, damp or wet hair. When it comes to the treatment itself, it can be performed before or just after shampooing. Basically, oils can be used for hairdo finish as well. There are plenty of ways of applying oils to hair. Give a try to some of them to find the most suitable one for you.

How long should an oil be left on hair?

Natural plant oils are completely safe for human organism therefore there are no limitations connected with time devoted to leaving the product on. As mentioned above, hair can be treated with an oil right before shampooing. However, the longer the oil is kept on hair, the more time all nourishing substances have to penetrate into hair structure. Oil can be left on even overnight.

How to be sure that oil hair treatment is effective?

It is plain to see. If your hair becomes visibly smoother, healthier and simply look better than before the treatment, then it is a sign that oil hair treatment works. Actually, the outcomes are supposed to be noticeable after a week of regular oil application, however, it all depends on the individual predispositions of hair.