Hindu Hit: Green Hair Oil Dabur Amla. Does It Work?

People living in the Orient trust the power of ancient herbal mixtures and alternative medicine. Also, they consider their holy Ayurveda book as being better than Google – it contains remedies that deal with both serious and petty ailments. How to counteract excessive hair loss? Hindu women recommend oil pressed from Amla fruit. The most popular, available worldwide green Amla oil by Dabur – Does it work? 

Amla oil: Hindu secret of applying oils to combat hair loss

Amla oil is nothing more than just an extract obtained from oriental plant known commonly as Indian gooseberry. Green fruit of amla might look familiar, yet it wields immense power that common gooseberry will never possess. Amalaki is called a miraculous plant that displays a really strong hair beautifying properties. Moreover, amla oil also reinforces hair bulbs and leaves hair bouncy, healthy and shiny.

Green oil nourishes hair deeply not only on the outside but also it affects the inner hair structures. Curcuminoids that amla fruit contains sweep away free radicals which guarantees rejuvenated looks of hair. Actually, amla oil is recommended for treating thinning and weak hair that doesn’t grow long.

Amla Oil by Dabur: The greenest oil of all

The most popular green hair oil is Hindu Amla by Dabur. When browsing the Net, you may easily come across articles advocating that amla oil serves as a medicine dealing with the problem of excessive hair loss. It owes its popularity mainly to the price. Although the oil is fairly cheap, the concentration of amla extract is high. Is is really able to combat hair loss? Surely! Is it suitable for everyone? Not really because people having sensitive scalp won’t be satisfied with paraffin oil, alcohol and fragrance that the product features. As it’s plain to see, this oil doesn’t belong to natural, organic and 100% pure oils; yet the incredibly beneficial action of green amla influences hair condition positively and improves its looks considerably. Still, it should be remembered not to overuse the oil because, sadly, it may irritate and dehydrate scalp.

Amla Oil by Dabur: Beauty properties

Despite being an exceptional oil, it’s destined for hair care only. Also, this is quite an atypical feature because most natural oils can be used to treat both hair and body. Still, many people report introducing amla oil into their skin beauty rituals – this green Hindu oil has an intensive aroma – which many describes as unpleasant – that is sensed for long when applied to skin. Therefore, it’s definitely better to reach for other natural oils when it comes to body and face care. Not only will they smooth out and make skin more supple but also won’t leave skin so smelly. Although amla oil isn’t able to take care of skin, it’ll boost dark hair appearance by intensifying shine and combating dullness.amla oil hair dabur

Amla Oil by Dabur: Effects

  • Accelerates hair growth cycle.
  • Intensifies hair color.
  • Prevents premature graying.
  • Nourishes scalp and hair bulbs.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Protects and boosts shine.

Amla Oil by Dabur: Reviews

Amla Oil by Dabur, despite slightly controversial composition, receives positive online reviews. It’s recognized for being low-priced and having beneficial influence on hair growth. Undoubtedly, Amla oil is popular, it has its supporters and opponents, therefore you can come across many inconsistent comments concerning the oil’s action.