A tender toughie – Nanoil for hair regeneration

Nanoil hair oil is this year’s cosmetic phenomenon. It can be stated that this beauty cosmetic has been winning all hearts of the women who decided to give a try to this product. Nanoil wins every race for beautiful hair; it counteracts every problem, fulfills every dream. Moreover, Nanoil can replace other cosmetics since it neither dehydrates hair nor irritates the scalp. This tender action is possible due to the product’s paraben-free and silicone-free formula.

It’s a tough player, fighting for the beauty of your hair to the very last drop of the oil. It feels no mercy for dandruff, dehydrated scalp, greasy roots, damaged and deprived of shine hair as it counteracts hair loss, ageing processes, makes hair denser, nourishes it and regenerates processes of hair bulbs, moistens, gifts strands with lightness… the list of benefits is endless.

The winning quality of the oil is the fact that despite its intense action, the hair oil is surprisingly delicate – Nanoil doesn’t damage hair as it can be applied directly to the scalp. It’s a toughie that goes gently with our hair by working hard to make the strands beautiful.

There is yet another thing that favours Nanoil:


The hair oil is available in 3 versions. This idea is really well-thought-out because each of the product bases its action on the elementary and the most important criterion that classifies hair, and there are three types of hair:

  • low porosity hair
  • medium porosity hair
  • high porosity hair

Each hair type requires a particular kind of care as it needs completely different substances so as to provide it with health, beautiful look and stimulate its fast growth. For that very reason, Nanoil comes out in 3 versions the composition of each is slightly different. The products mostly vary in terms of the content of the natural oils obtained in a cold-press process that seeds, pits of fruits and flowers undergo.

The above-mentioned oils have different concentration of mono- and poly-saturated fatty acids of omega-3, -6, -9 groups. This forms the direct connection with the various molecules sizes that correspond with the certain hair type. And here lies the secret why the particular hair porosity type is in sync with one of three oils. The bigger the particles are, the better they work on damaged hair (high porosity), whereas the smaller the particles are, the better they nourish thick hair of dense structure and closed hair cuticles (low porosity hair).

A few years of researches on the human hair’s structure enabled Nanoil brand to compose one product in three unique, precisely designed versions. It was made to help the product serve each three types of hair in the best possible way. However, Nanoil hair oil is something much better than just the natural oils on their own. Each of the three products contains the range of care substances that support and enhance action the natural oils deliver. It can be stated that Nanoil is everything that your hair needs and loves. No other product has a composition that was designed in such virtuosity way focusing on hair care.

Three versions of Nanoil hair oil

Nanoil for low porosity hair – this is a harmonious blend of hair care oils of small molecules and penetrating qualities. The composition of this Nanoil is dominated by saturated fatty acids that take care of thick, heavy and hard to manage hair. The oil will provide the strands with non-overburdening care, regulate sebum production, give shine and softness. You can find in Nanoil for low porosity hair the following oils: Siberian Pine, coconut, argan, castor, passion fruit, moni as well as shea, cupuacu and babassu butters. Moreover, the cosmetic contains the range of other conditioning substances, like vitamin E and A, panthenol, a filter protecting against the strong sun as well as two unique complexes, kerastim and baicapilm, which stop hair from falling out and strengthen hair bulbs accelerating hair growth and increasing density of hair.

Nanoil for medium porosity hair – these are perfectly selected hair oils of medium-sized molecules and semi-penetrating qualities. The composition of this Nanoil is dominated by mono-saturated fatty acids from omega-7 and omega-9 groups. These natural substances will take a comprehensive care of strands the cuticles of which are slightly risen. This is the type of hair that isn’t significantly damaged nor dehydrated yet, however, it needs proper care and attention. What’s more, medium porosity hair starts falling out, might be frizzy and dehydrated at the ends; it often loses shine. Therefore, Nanoil for medium porosity hair is a complex of care substances consisting of selected ingredients ideally toning in with this hair type (silk, UV filter, vitamin E and A, as well as revolutionary baikapil and kerastim which are the substances responsible for stimulating hair growth and slowing down hair falling out). This version of Nanoil also includes oils of high quality that take care of medium porosity hair. These oils are macadamia, jojoba, marula, argan, passion fruit and coconut.

Nanoil for high porosity hair – it’s a co-operation of natural oils with the advantage of big, non-penetrating molecules and fatty acids from omega-3 and omega-6 groups. These big-sized molecules ideally fit the gaps created by the risen cuticles the high porosity hair is characterised with. The product doesn’t only nourish the hair from the inside but also creates an occlusive layer on strands’ surface that protects hair from damages. The composition of this Nanoil is dominated by poly-saturated fatty acids and the following oils: almond, argan, evening primrose, avocado, passion fruit and cotton seed. Moreover, this Nanoil version contains the range of care and regenerative substances that are able to cure damaged and dehydrated hair which lost its density and shine. Keratin, panthenol, UV filter, silk, lanolin and vitamin E is a mighty army that defeats all hair damages. Also, Nanoil for high porosity hair contains complexes which make strands denser as they accelerate hair growth (kerastim and baicapil).

8in1 – multipurpose genius Nanoil

The product impresses because of its versatility since it can successfully replace a few products designed for hair styling and care. Nanoil serves well as a hair growth treatment and as a hair thickening treatment, as a hair mask, an additive to a conditioner, a heat protection, a gloss-delivering emulsion, a leave-in conditioner, a serum for damaged hair ends, a hair taming lotion… The scope of Nanoil use is almost indefinite. It all depends on your creativity.