Basic methods of oil hair treatments. How to apply oil to hair?

Oil hair treatment is becoming more and more popular method for obtaining beautiful, pampered and shiny hair. Month after a month we reach for natural plant products more eagerly because we know that such cosmetics are highly beneficial. For that reason, oil hair treatment is gaining its followers who would like to know more about this miraculous treatment. For that reason, the article discusses the crucial features of oil hair treatement. How to conduct the procedure? And what are manners of applying oil to strands?


The most popular – mainly due to its easiness – is applying oil hair treatemt to dry hair. As it is not hard to foresee, an aproprietly selected oil has to be applied to dry strands. It is advised to put on the oil 30 minutes (or longer) before shampooing. Most oils makes hair greasy therefore shampooing seems to be an inseparable element of this hair-healing procedure. How to apply an oil? Pour an oil onto palm of hands and distribute it to scalp and lenght of hair. It is worth giving the scalp a massage since it will facilitate better absorbtion of the product. Remember to coat all strands evenly with the oil. It is advisable to tie the hair in a bun or wrap with a towel once the oil is applied.


The only difference between treating dry and wet hair with oil hair treatemet is the level of moisture. In this case, strands have to be damp before applying an oil. We can treat hair with oil right before shampooing yet light oils, the ones that are absorbed fast work effcient when applied on already shampooed hair. It is worth remembering that it takes longer for an oil to penetrate wet hair. Therefore, the amount of time required for leaving an oil on is also longer (even up to half and an hour). After this period, hair has to be washed with a shampoo, most preferably the one SLS-free.


The greatest number of questions concern the bowl method. Although, this is a sweet and easy method, there is much untrue information circulating on the Internet. And this is the reason, why the bowl method is noth as popular as the two above-mentioned oil hair treatments. How to apply the bowl method properly? First of a big bowl has to be filled with warm water (hair cuticles opens thanks to high temperature which facilitates better and faster absorbtion of nourising substances). Secondly, 1-3 spoons of an oil have to be poured into the bowl. Obvioulsy, it is also advised to use a combination of a few oils, or even add some essential oils for arometherapeutic features. What substances we are going to add is individual.

Hair has to be put into this delicate mixture of water and oil and left there for several minutes (not more than 5 minutes). After this period, hair has to be put out of the water, gently towelled and wrapped wit a cotton towel which will absorb excess of water. Oiled strands should be kept in the towel for an hour and then shampooed with a comsetic that does not contain silicones.