Is applying an oil on scalp affected by dandruff a good idea?

Indeed, dandruff is a thorny problem that dogs a great amount of women. Luckily enough, our market is chock-full of products focusing on eliminating the very problem. Although our shops are full of the ‘ammo’, it is hard to find any precise guidelines on how to take care of hair while combating with dandruff. How to enhance hair care when scalp is affected by this white ailment? Is it a good idea to apply natural care products like hair oils? Does oil hair treatment harm hair with dandruff? Keep reading the article to find answers on all the questions.

One of the reasons of dandruff development is too excessive amount of sebum produced by scalp. It seems to be logic that applying oil to already full-of-sebum scalp is a bad idea. In fact, this conviction is far from being truth. If a plant oil or a herbal hair wash matches scalp’s problems perfectly, then the outcomes produced will be surprisingly positive. Why?

Natural plant oils support hair and scalp providing them with moisture and nourishment.

Positive action of plant extract should not be surprising to anybody. This natural cosmetics are rich in vitamins, proteins, essential unsaturated fatty acids and common minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium and potassium. In some cases, oils also contain additional ingredients like beta-carotene, fibre and Q10 coenzyme. Such natural products are just perfect for soothing dehydrating action of anti-dandruff shampoos. While undergoing anti-dandruff treatments, hair requires appropriate moisture and nourishment – these two elements can be delivered to weakened strands due to oil hair treatment. Which oils to pick?

It is crucial to realize that during fighting against dandruff, not every single oil would be successful in its action. It is suggested learning a little bit more about a particular oil just not to intensify symptoms of the scalp ailment. For hair with tendency to dandruff are recommended burdock root oil, Indian hair oils (i.e. Khadi or Sesa), geranium oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, sandel-wood oil, lavender oil as well as lemon oil. Despite plant oils, equally helpful can be other natural products such as flaxseed extract, nettle extract, aloe extract, sage extract and horsetail extract.

It is also important to do not hold the oil long, if our scalp is affected by dandruff. The optimal time that should be devoted to this procedure is 30 minutes, then proceed with shampooing. The amount of oil applied plays also a crucial role – there should not be too much of it. Last but not least, precise shampooing is also a key issue while conducting the treatment. In other words, the oil applied has to be removed thoroughly.